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Un-Earth Eternal Health

Un-Earth Eternal Health addresses the effect on the mind of the patient and his or her family when being diagnosed with a terminal disease. As you progress in reading this book, you will learn how to address negative thought processes through having a holistic outlook on life. When you have unearthed eternal health, you will be able to understand the mind processes we undergo when illness has manifested, as well as appreciate the patient’s position according to the contract undertaken for this lifetime. The aim within this intimate view into the author’s life is to change being “terminally ill” and in its place unearth eternal health.

By becoming part of the eternal community, you become enabled to live in your higher chakra energy centres, so that you are able to say: “I speak my truth, and my way forward is clear because I know the calling of my soul. I am responsible for my own deeds, and if I elevate my views and learn my lessons, I am able to lift my spirit and be at ease.”